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Thank You for your interest in contacting us. Please read the following before submitting your comments or questions:
  ·We have provided a Frequently Asked Question Section. Please be sure the answer you need is not already located there. The link to it is on the left.

·If you are interested in advertising with us here at The National DSM Registry, more information can be found HERE. It will give you the rates and the stats.

·If you are suggesting some addons or other features that might make The National DSM registry a better place, please be sure to include as much detail as you possibly can. Suggesting things like. "Bigger Pictures!" does not help us to know what you want bigger pictures of. Please include the URL to the page if your suggestion is page specific. Also know that we welcome all suggestions, but we can not impliment all that are sent in.

·If you are looking for technical help, a place to buy, sell or trade something, a sight similar to this but for <insert car type here>, or anything else like this, we can not, and will not help you. It is not that we do not want to, it is that we can not spare the time. This site is maintained 100% of the time in the free time we have. We own DSMs, therefore we do not have much free time!

With that said: Please feel free to contact us IF none of the above applies to you!


Listing Modifications Is Not A Legal Admission Of Guilt To Adding Aftermarket Parts.
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