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  Still Problems With The Authentication
We are still running into all kinds of trouble with the different ISPs blocking our activation email. This is mainly hotmail and msn. Rest assured however that we are working on it. We are in the process of totally rewriting the email portion of the site. This should fix it. It is also going to allow us to add a few more features. :)
May 12, 2004 04:45am is now open!!!!
I have finally tied the new National DSM Picture Reposity into the DSM Registry!!! You may now request a gallery on your profile update screen. It is down toward the bottom. Please note that we are requesting a $1 a month donation to be made (one year at a time) to help cover the costs of hosting a site of the magnitude the Picture page is/will be. I have over 3 gigs to upload already. Please send me any feed back you have on the pics page.
January 14, 2004 09:45am

  Pics.DSM.Org Will Be Tied Into The Registry!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently Brazilian Hair Online working on and it will be tied into the registry. You will be able to select if you want a pic gallery on from your profile here on the registry. It will then be accessable for upload using your same logon and password that you use here on the registry. I hope to have this all functioning very soon. We will also be offering a small webhosting deal for anyone who wishes to have a small website for their DSM. More details will be posted on this very soon.

Thanks Again for using the registry.
December 31, 2003 03:26pm

  If you did not receive your confirmation email...
I have received some bounced messages from various servers. Some of you try and be creative with your email addresses and they are not legit, some have filled their quota, etc.. Others may have been blocked by spam filters. If you are awaiting your confirmation email, contact us through the contact link on the left and I will get it to you. When you contact us, please include your Wholesale Brazilian Hair username and the email it is supposed to be sent to (the one you signed up with). If you "accidentally" gave us the wrong email, try to include what you think you used, and what it really should be. It is very important for you to all know that we will not, do not, and will never consider spamming our members! Your email address will not be used outside of our direct contact with you. Thank You!
December 26, 2003 12:04pm

  Future Additions Coming To The Registry
I was told by someone that "Future projects are lame." However, I think it is best to post this list here so I do not get 500 emails requesting the same additions. LOL! So with out further delay:

  • Adding and Intake and Fuel section to the mods list. (This is now done!)
  • Time Slip Upload: To be able to upload a pic of your actual time slip.
  • A link for Homepage/pic gallery so people may see more pics of your car. I am in the process of rebuilding, so this may tie in well. (This Is Now Done!)

    A NEW FEATURE HAS BEEN ADDED!!!! You may now choose to have a page counter on your car profile. It is an available option in your Car Profile Edit Screen. It will appear at the bottom of your details page when your profile is viewed!

    More To Come...
  • December 20, 2003 10:38am

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    Listing Modifications Is Not A Legal Admission Of Guilt To Adding Aftermarket Parts.
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