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  1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse Other FWD This Car Is Currently Running! 
User Name:   
Located In: Fairmont, WV
Car Details:
Profile ID: 50
Color: White W/ B
Engine: 4G37
Aspiration: Natural
Transmission: Manual
Drive: FWD
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Intake/Head Modifications:
Cosmo Racing SRI w/ Cosmo Racing Filter

Exhaust Modifications:
-Magnaflow Street-Series Muffler
-Magnaflow Universal High-Flow Cat
-Custom 2.5" Pipe

Appearance Modifications:
-Racer-Union Euro Crystal Clear Headlights and Corner Lenses

Audio System Modifications:
-Sony Head Unit
-Polk Audio 6.5" Rear Speakers

Wheel/Tire Upgrades and Modifications:
-17" Motegi MR7 Wheels (Aluminum)
-BFG G-Force Sport Tires

Other Modifications:
-NGK Plugs
-Magnecore 8.5mm wires

Owners Comments:

FOR ALL YOUR 1.8L 4G#& Needs!

Profile Last Updated: March 13, 2009 09:25pm
Profile Viewed: 947 Times


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