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DSM Registry Wear

  1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD This Car Is Not Currently Running! 
User Name:   
Located In: Dardanelle , AR
Car Details:
Profile ID: 254
Color: Black
Engine: 4G63 Stroker
Aspiration: Turbo
Daily Boost: 15 PSI
Racing Boost: 30 PSI
Transmission: Manual
Drive: AWD
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Engine/Lower End Modifications:
4G64 2.4L block, Wiseco 10.3:1 pistons, Mahle H-beams, ACL race bearings

Transmission/Drive Line Modifications:
AWD & 5 speed conversion

Fuel System Modifications:
Fuel cell, dual 255lph inline fuel pumps,

Intake/Head Modifications:
Race port 4g63 head, Supertech springs, retainers, lock, 3g lifters

Exhaust Modifications:
Custom 3" exhaust, Custom manifold

Electronics Modifications:
MicroTech LTX-8s ecu, HKS EVC-S boost controller, Innovate LC-1 wideband, 1g CAS, COP

Appearance Modifications:
2gb Talon conversion

Owners Comments:
The reason alot of parts arent listed is cause I am still building it and not sure what way I am goin. Some parts listed(very few) are still needed to be ordered such as pistons.

Profile Last Updated: August 29, 2011 06:25pm
Profile Viewed: 754 Times


Listing Modifications Is Not A Legal Admission Of Guilt To Adding Aftermarket Parts.
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