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DSM Registry Wear

  1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD This Car Is Currently Running! 
User Name: Boosted98gsx   
Located In: DFW, TX
Car Details:
Profile ID: 21
Color: Grey Pearl
Engine: 4G63 Stroker
Aspiration: Turbo
Daily Boost: 20 PSI
Racing Boost: 30 PSI
Transmission: Manual
Drive: AWD
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Additional Photos:

Engine/Lower End Modifications:
6-bolt 4G63 block
4G64 Crank
Manley I-Beams
Wiseco 8.8:1 Pistons
Balance Shaft Removal
ARP Head Studs
ARP Mains
Fully balanced
Prothane Engine Mounts

Turbo/Nitrous Modifications:
Forced Performance GT3582R HTA .82 A/R V-band Out T3 Turbine Housing

Transmission/Drive Line Modifications:
ACT 2600 Pressure Plate
ACT Street Disk
ACT XACT Flywheel
Accumulator and Restrictor Removed
Shep Stg 4 Transmission with a 4 spider center, REM Treated 4th gear, Evo 3 1st
SS Braided Clutch Line
Rear LSD (car came with an open rear diff)
Rear Diff Bushings
Frontline Fab Rear Diff Cover

Fuel System Modifications:
Walbro 255hp in tank (rewired)
Bosch 044 External In Line
-6 to the rail
DVDT Fab Fuel Rail
Trickflow -8 10 micron filter
2150cc FIC Bluemax Injectors
Aeromotive AFPR
Marshall PSI Gauge

Intake/Head Modifications:
Dejon 4" Intake
3" GM MAF Integrated into 'Link V3.0
DVDT Fab FLP Racing Intake Manifold
Q45 Throttlebody
DVDT "Street" FMIC
2.5" hot side piping
3" cold side piping
HKS SSQV BOV w/ HKS R-32 Skyline adaptor plate
Custom Catch Can, -10 to the head x2, and -12 to the intake pipe
GM 3.3 Bar MAP sensor (For Logging Boost via DSMlink)
Halman MBC
Magnacore Spark Plug Wires
1g 6-bolt Head (light porting, cast flash removal)
FP Supertech Valve Springs
Unorthodox Racing Adjustable Cam Gears
FP3 Camshafts; Intake Adv 6* Exhaust Ret 6*
Cometic MLS Headgasket

Exhaust Modifications:
ERL Cast Stainless T3 Manifold
Tial 44mm v-band Wastegate dumped
3" turboback T409 SS with v-band clamps
Magnaflow Muffler

Suspension Modifications:
K-sport Coilovers
Rear Strut Tower Bar

Electronics Modifications:
ECMlink v3
PLX M-250 Wideband O2 Sensor
GM 3.3bar MAP
Relocated Battery
Power Inverter for laptop charging
Apex'i Auto Timer

Brake Modifications:
Porterfield R4-S Pads
RRE SS Brake Lines
Motul 600 Fluid

Appearance Modifications:
Shaved hatch stickers, 30% tint on windows, 20% on hatch and rears.

Audio System Modifications:
Kenwood Head Unit
Alpine S Speakers

Wheel/Tire Upgrades and Modifications:
Motegi DP10 17x7"
Kumho Excsta MX 225/45-17

Other Modifications:
Fluidyne Radiator
SPAL 11" Pusher on Drivers side A/C Condenser
PS 6" radiator
Setrab Oil Cooler -8 in -8 out
Sound Deadening Removed
Frontline Fab Spare Tire Delete

Owners Comments:
This car still has A/C, Power Steering, and Full OEM interior. It is a pure street car and my daily driver.

Only things removed are the cruise control, front bumper, and spare tire (100mi AAA for the win).

Twin disc will be added soon.

Profile Last Updated: January 7, 2012 10:18pm
Profile Viewed: 5231 Times


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