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DSM Registry Wear

  1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD This Car Is Currently Running! 
User Name:   
Located In: Franklin, TN
Car Details:
Profile ID: 192
Color: Black
Engine: 4G63
Aspiration: Turbo And Nitrous
Daily Boost: 28 PSI
Racing Boost: 40 PSI
Daily Nitrous: 0 Shot
Racing Nitrous: 120 Shot
Transmission: Manual
Drive: AWD
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Engine/Lower End Modifications:
-6 Bolt Block Bored .020 over, Decked, Line Hone, Cleaned
-Balance Shafts Removed
-Crankshaft Lightened & Polished
-Eagle H-Beam ESP Rods W/ ARP Rod Bolts
-Wiseco Ceremic Coated Pistons 9.0:1CR
-Wiseco Piston Rings
-Clevite77 Main & Rod Bearings
-ARP Head Studs
-ARP Main Studs
-Mitsubishi RalliArt Head Gasket
-EGR Blocked Off
-Ported Oil Relief Valve
-Full Engine Gasket Set
-Forward Facing Oil Filter Housing
-Fluidyne Crankshaft Damper Pulley
-New OEM OilPan
-New Topline Oil Pump
-New OEM Water Pump
-Prothane Motormount Bushings (All)

Turbo/Nitrous Modifications:
-Garrett T3/T-67R BALL BEARING (.82 Hotside)
-(-4AN) SS Braided Oil Feed Line
-(-10AN) 90deg. - Hose Barb, Oil Drain Line
-(-10AN) Male to 1/2 in. NPT, 45deg. Oil Drain Fitting
-Turbonetics Drain Flange 1/2 in. NPT
-(-10AN) Turbo Drain Flange, Oil Pan
-Silicone Turbo Drain Hose, 5/8
-Turbo Oil Restrictor
-NOS Direct Port ProRace Fogger

Transmission/Drive Line Modifications:
-Tennessee Clutch w/ 6 Puck Disk
-New OEM Throwout Bearing
-New(er) Clutch Fork
-1/4 SS Extended Slave Cyl. Rod
-SS Braided Clutchline
-Brand New Clutch Master Cyl.
-Brand New Clutch Slave Cyl.
-Rear Differential Seals Axles, Pinion
-New Pinion Bearings (Rear Differential)
-New Seals, Roll Pins, End Nuts, Washers
-TRE "Spool" Center Differential w/ New/Updated Jamb Pads
-Center Differential Bearing/Races
-New OEM Transfer Case

Fuel System Modifications:
-Aeromotive A1000
-Aeromotive Billet Fuel Pump Controller
-Aeromotive Billet Filter
-Fuel Pump Hardwire
-Aeromotive 1:1 A1000 -6 version Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge (0-100psi)
-RC 1600cc Fuel Injectors
-(-6AN) Male to 12mm x 1.25 Male, Fuel Filter EAR-991945ERL

Intake/Head Modifications:
-Cleaned, Decked, Valve Job
-Ported & Polished Head
-Ferrea 6000 Series 1mm Oversize Intake Valves
-Ferrea 6000 Series 1mm Oversize Exhaust Valves
-Updated Lifters
-Brian Crower Valve Springs
-Brian Crower Stage 3 (280/280) Camshafts
-Fidanza Aluminum Cam Gears
-Power Enterprises BLUE Kevlar Timing Belt
-ARP SS Exhaust Manifold Studs
-Powdercoated Valve Cover (silver vein)

--MFG Racing 2.5 Upper IC Pipe
-MFG Racing 2.5 Lower IC Pipe
-Extreme Turbo Systems 7" Street/Strip Intercooler
-TiAl "Q" Blow Off Valve
-Cone Type Air Filter
-T-Bolt Clamps
Hump Hose Coupler
-4 Ply Couplers

Exhaust Modifications:
-Stainless Steel Tubular Manifold
-Tial 44MM External Wastegate w/ Open Dump
-MFG Racing Tubular 3" o2 Housing/ Downpipe

Suspension Modifications:
-Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs
-KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks
-Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms

Electronics Modifications:
-MSD Digital DIS 2 Ignition Box
-MSD Dual Ignition Adapter
-Nology Hotwires Igntion Wires
-NGK BPR8ES Spark Plugs

--ECM Tuning V3 DSM Link
-ECM Tuning Socket ECU, Clean-up ECU
-Innovate LC-1 Wideband o2 System w/ Red DB Gauge
-AEM 5 Bar MAP Sensor
-GM IAT Sensor w/ Pigtail
-Optima Red Top Battery
-Battery Relocation
-Autometer 3308 Sport-Comp Boost gauge (-30hg. - 45psi)

Brake Modifications:
-New OEM Brake Lines
-New OEM Rotors
-New OEM Calipers
-New Ceramic Brake Pads

Appearance Modifications:
-Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Low Beams
-Sylvania SilverStar Ultra High Beams
-Sylvania SilverStar 1157A Signals

Audio System Modifications:

Wheel/Tire Upgrades and Modifications:

Safety Modifications:

Other Modifications:
-Afco Racing Radiator (Scirroco Style)
-Flex-A-Lite 365, Twin (Scirroco) Fadiator Fans
-(-16AN) Male Weld Bung Upper Hose Aluminum
-(-16AN) Male Weld Bung Upper Hose Aluminum
-(-16AN) Male Weld Bung Lower Hose Aluminum
-(-16AN) Male Weld Bung Lower Hose Steel
-(-16AN) 45deg. Upper Hose End
-(-16AN) 45deg. Lower Hose End
-(-16AN) Straight Upper Hose End
-(-16AN) Straight Lower Hose End
-(-16AN) ProFlex SS Braided Hose 2Ft. Upper/Lower
-(-6AN) 45deg. Hose End, Coolant Feed Line
-(-6AN) 90deg. Hose End, Coolant Feed Line
-(-6AN) 90deg. Hose End, Coolant Return Line
-(-6AN) Straight Hose End, Coolant Return Line
-14mm (1.5pitch) - (-6AN) Turbo Water Feed
-14mm (1.5pitch) - (-6AN) Turbo Water Return
-(-6AN) Male to 3/8 in. NPT Male, Thermostat housing/Turbo Feed
-(-6AN) Male to 3/8 in. NPT Male, Thermostat housing
-(-6AN) Male Weld Bung, Waterpipe, Turbo Return
-MFG Racing Modified WaterPipe

Profile Last Updated: May 13, 2010 11:23pm
Profile Viewed: 676 Times


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