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  1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD This Car Is Currently Running! 
User Name: rx7ttlm   
Located In: Aurora, CO
Car Details:
Profile ID: 151
Color: Magenta Gr
Engine: 4G63
Aspiration: Turbo
Daily Boost: 20 PSI
Transmission: Manual
Drive: AWD

Dyno Output:
HP @ RPM: 0 @
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Engine/Lower End Modifications:
Stock right now, building a 2.3L with Eagle Crank, Eagle rods, Wiesco 8.8:1 pistons, ACL race series bearings coated by calico, fluidamper balancer, balance shafts in the trash, arp bolts and studs.

Turbo/Nitrous Modifications:
20g Turbo

Transmission/Drive Line Modifications:
fidanza AL flywheel, and no name clutch, B&M shifter

Fuel System Modifications:
AeromotiveFPR, Walbro 255 hp, Fuel pump rewire, RC 750's

Intake/Head Modifications:
Gude cams, 3g lifters, soon ported 2g, FP3 cams, dual valve springs, AEM cam gears, 63mm throttle body.

Exhaust Modifications:
EVO III O2 housing, RRE downpipe, RRE rally cat, espilleir cat back, soon evo III exhaust manifold.

Suspension Modifications:
Tokico 5 way with eibach springs (soon higher rate rear springs)

Electronics Modifications:
DSM link V2.5, Zeitronix stage 11teen, magnicor plug wires

Brake Modifications:
happy pads

Wheel/Tire Upgrades and Modifications:
evo 8 wheels, sumitoyo stickies

Safety Modifications:
um, none.. hehe

Owners Comments:
I have stockpiled a lot of parts for this engine swap, why you ask?..... I JUST WANNA GO FAST!!

Profile Last Updated: June 10, 2009 10:32am
Profile Viewed: 671 Times


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