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  1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD This Car Is Currently Running! 
User Name: twicks69   
Located In: Waukesha, WI
Car Details:
Profile ID: 13
Color: Minden Sil
Engine: 4G63 Stroker
Aspiration: Turbo
Daily Boost: 35 PSI
Racing Boost: 52 PSI
Transmission: Manual
Drive: AWD

Dyno Output:
HP @ RPM: 766 @ 42
Torque @ RPM: 713 @ 42
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Engine/Lower End Modifications:
1999 7-bolt block, 4G64 crank, Groden aluminum rods, Ross custom race pistons, ARP hardware, BSE kit, custom coatings on pistons, rods, bearings and crank. Machinework done by Todd Goodwin Competition.

Turbo/Nitrous Modifications:
Borg Warner S400Sx 74mm w/ 1.1 A/R T4 divided flange, V-band outlet, and Bullseye RACE 10" compressor cover with 5.61" inlet. 3" IC piping w/ PTE large core.

Transmission/Drive Line Modifications:
TMZ spec race transmission with custom 4-spider center diff w/ hardened Chromoly cross shaft, cryoed gears, HD gearset, and Evo 3 clutch-type LSD front diff. Raxles RACE front axles, stock rear axles, stock transfer case, stock driveshaft and rear end. Custom engine and transmission mounts. Quarter Master 7.25" V-Drive twin-disk clutch with Prototype clutch disks, and PTT chromoly flywheel. 3-Speed SSSS, and drive shaft loop.

Fuel System Modifications:
FIC BlueMAX 1350cc fuel injectors, stock rail, -6AN fuel lines, Walbro 255HP in-tank with Walbro 255HP in-line fuel pump, -6AN return line.

Intake/Head Modifications:
Beyond Redline Performance Prototype SMIM (, 1G unported head with some custom work from Todd Goodwin Competition. 1mm oversize Ferrea custom valves, Supertech dual high-tension valve springs and titanium retainers, bronze valve guides, viton lo-rider valve seals, 3G lifters, stock rockers, Crower custom grind high-lift 288/288 cams. ARP L19 head studs, Mitsu MLS head gasket, HKS adjustable cam gears, shaved and polished valve cover with -10AN breather lines, Zaklee clear timing belt cover. 5.5" to 5" custom intake pipe w/ 6.5"x10" K&N with 5" inlet. 1G throttle body. TiAL BOV.

Exhaust Modifications:
4" downpipe with 4" muffler. DNPerformance T4 tubular exhaust manifold with TiAL 44mm wastegate.

Suspension Modifications:
K-Sport Kontrol Pro coilovers with custom spring rates, SPC front billet control arms, rear camber kit, front strut tower bar, lower frame braces, 10-point roll cage, etc.

Electronics Modifications:
AEM EMS, PLX M300 wideband, 0-60psi boost gauge. Custom COP setup, NGK BR9ES plugs.

Brake Modifications:
Wilwood 12.2x0.81" front rotors w/ Wilwood Forged BSL 4-piston calipers and D-pads, stainless lines. Stock rear calipers and rotors with EBC Green pads and stainless lines.

Appearance Modifications:
Shaved wing, shaved wiper. Stock appearance.

Audio System Modifications:
Stock head unit with Diamond Audio front speakers.

Wheel/Tire Upgrades and Modifications:
16x7" Rota Slipstreams with 26"x9.5"x16" Hoosier QTP slicks.
17x7.5" Rota Sub Zeros with 245/40/R17 Falken Azenis.

Safety Modifications:
10-point roll cage, window net, parachute, scatter shield, SFI clutch, Fluidampr crank damper, metal valve stems, fire suit, SFI gloves, boots, neck collar, helmet, etc. Sparco Evo driver seat, RCI Platinum race harnesses.

Other Modifications:
Alot of other custom stuff to go fast.

Owners Comments:
9-second street car on GT4088R at 641AWHP/567TQ (9.96 @143mph; 1.50 60-ft, highest MPH 148mph). The GT4088R dynoed out 766AWHP/713TQ before dying. The new setup will be around 900AWHP, and looking for high-8's in 2009!

Profile Last Updated: March 9, 2009 01:10pm
Profile Viewed: 736 Times


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