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Thank You for your interest in purchasing ad space here at This is a list of our current advertising packages. If you would like more info or if there is not a package here that suites you needs, please feel free to contact me.

Here are a few different packages to choose from:
Package 1:
One Banner Ad:
This package will allow for you to have one banner ad in rotation with any others. This will display at random for the period of time or number of impressions that you purchase. This banner will display at the bottom of the page below the copyright. This banner space is shown on eevery page. Each page load randomly selects a banner. Traffic and statistics will be logged and will be available for viewing.

Cost: $20 A Month or $.03 per impression
Package 2:
Two Banners (Same Company):
If you would like to have an additional banner in rotation (whether the same banner or a different one) this package will allow that. You get all of the features above, plus a second banner in rotation for the same period of time as the first. This package may be added to an existing package 1 for the remaining time or as an extension.

Cost: $30 A Month or $.05 per impression (For Both Banners)
Package 3:
Exclusive Banner Placement:
This is our most elite package available. This package allows you to have your exclusive banner placed on the site. We have many places available for this. Only one banner will be allowed in each of the exclusive locations (this does not include the placement of the main banner location. It will continue to be seen on all pages.) But this will allow your banner to appear in a non-rotational format. You may also request additional banners (for the same company) to rotate in your spot. You may have up to 3 different banners for this.

Exclusive locations:
Main Page This will appear directly below the DSM of the Moment/Site Stats and directly above the first news story. For an additional $20 a month, an exclusive "Specials" text may be placed under the banner and can be updated by you at anytime.

Cost: $100 Per Month
Search And Results Page: This will appear directly above the search box in the body of the search page AND will appear at the top of the results page. The results page is viewed anytime some one Quick Searches, Advanced Searches, Or Views all records. This is the main function of this site. This is the most prime advertising space we have available.

Cost: $150 Per Month
Contact Page: This will appear between the introductory text and the contact form.

Cost: $40 Per Month
FAQ Page: This will appear at the top of the questions list.

Cost: $40 Per Month
Remember, these are Exclusive locations and will not be rented to more than one client per time frame. All exclusive locations are a minimum 12 month contract.

All contracts are to be paid in advance based on a 12 month contract. Contracts may be purchased for positions 30 days in advance. This means that you may purchase a spot that is currently occupied to begin contract upon the current contract expiration within 30 days of the expiration. If you currently have a contract and wish to renew it we will contact you 30 days before contract expiration to let you know. If a contract is purchased in that 30 days BEFORE you renew, you will not be able to renew the location. The owner of reserves the right to cancel a contract, without refund, at anytime with reasonable causes to include, but not limited to, defacement of the DSM Registry name, excessive complaints against the advertiser made by DSM Registry members, etc.. Furthermore, the advertiser may also cancel the contract and request banner removal at anytime during the contract without refund.

Other advertising is available on:

The Orlando Club DSM WebSite

The National Club DSM Picture Repository

If you are interested in any of the packages, or if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me


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